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Glow Star Beaded Necklaces

Glow Star Beaded Necklaces

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Fun and retro ball chain necklaces with glow in the dark star beads. You choose the chain color. (I suggest light black, silver, or gold)

glow best when charged in the sun for at least 60 minutes, glow lasts for about 60 seconds. (I'm looking for a new supplier for these that will have a better quality glow.) Manufacturer recommendation is to let them charge for 6 hours for a significant glow that lasts.

💕Add your chain color choice from the drop down 💕

👉 The chains are extra long 24 inches but can be trimmed shorter. You can do it yourself with wire cutters or I can shorten it for you,  just add your desired length to the special instructions.

I'd suggest 16" for little kids under 5. 18" for kids up to 10 and 20" for older kids, full 24" for adult.

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